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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ


  • Safe operation of chainsaws NPTC qualified CS30/31 at Moreton Morrel College
  • Qualified in PA1 and PA6 pesticide application
  • 17th ed Wiring Regs qualified
  • CRB cleared
  • Age Concern Listed


  • To maintain a balance of pests and predators, to enable a reduction in the useage of chemicals
  • To provide a range of habitats to encourage a diverse population of wildlife, including spiders, birds, frogs and toads, will help to control pest species.
  • Crop rotations to break the life cycle of pest species.
  • To grow plants that have a natural defence mechanism.
  • To encourage a tidy workplace and eliminate plant debris.


  • We strive to use timber from FSA sources, or from our own local maintained renewable woodlands, thus retaining the landscape setting.
  • We also try to promote and support rural woodland crafts and skills.


  • We try to ensure that all new machinery is bought with a sustainable edge. Be it reduced fuel consumptions and reduced CO2 emissions.
  • To maintain a mimalistic approach to machinery, with a focus on hands on.


  • All the waste that we produce has both a financial and environmental cost associated with it that is often under estimated.
  • Where possible we try to eliminate this waste at source, by reduce, re-use or recycle it.
  • All general waste is seperated and disposed of in allocated skips, for recycling.
  • Small quantities of waste are carried to a local recycling centre.
  • Green waste where possible is composted at source, or grass is mulched.
  • Unlike many, we are a 'Registered Carrier of Waste' Reg Nos EAN/942316 as required under 'The Control of Pollution Act 1989'


  • Water may be costing more than you think. Few people identify water as a raw material that is paid for twice - to receive it and to take away the waste. Simple actions can lead to substantial savings.
  • We try to encourage the introduction of specific watering of plants, ie leaky hoses or controlled watering systems.